5 Ways To Remodel And Reinvent Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel can focus on a variety of aspects. For example, updating the appliances can totally change the character of this space and it’s a change that can ask for other transformations to be made as well. We’re going to review five kitchen makeovers and the changes they went through.

Let’s start with this bright and lovely kitchen. Sure, it didn’t always look like this. It used to have cabinets with a natural wood finish and gloomy greenish walls. Actually, those cabinets were preserved and extended to the ceiling with molding and plywood. They were painted white and became beautiful built-ins that incorporate the fridge perfectly.

When the kitchen starts to always look cluttered and to lose its spaciousness, maybe it’s time to get rid of some of the furniture. Just look how wonderful this kitchen looks now that it got rid of all the upper cabinetry and replaced it with open shelves.

Open shelving is actually a great solution for any kind of kitchen. It works really well above the sink, making everything a lot easier and more practical. So yo don’t have to replace all your wall-mounted cabinets with open shelves if you want to make a change. Just focus on the important portions.

How To Bring Harmony In Your Home – Feng Shui Inspiration

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy based on the idea that everyone should be harmonized with the surrounding environment. In interior design, feng shui is used to properly organize a space and to make each room as harmonious as possible. There’s a number of specific areas highlighted by this philosophy. For example:

There’s a wealth and prosperity zone and this area should be decorated with elements such as fresh, colorful plants and flowers and fountains or pictures of moving water. The best colors for this space are red and purple and green should be avoided because it’s the color of instability in feng shui.

Another area is that dedicated to fame and reputation. Paint this zone with colors such as bright reds, oranges and yellows and decorate it with candles. If there’s a fireplace there as well, it would be even better.

The love and relationship area should be decorated with colors such as red and pink and tall light fixtures. Any artwork in this area should express love or relationship-inspired elements. If the bedroom is in this zone, it’s best to remove the TV and the desk to get rid of any distractions.

There’s also a zone dedicated to children and creativity. In here, use soft colors such as pastels and whites and decorate the space with pictures of the children or artwork they’ve made.

The center of the home should maintain the harmony between all five elements. So you can combine elements such as a small bamboo fountain, decorative stones, metal coins and a red ribbon tied around the bamboo.

Modern Living Room Designs – What Makes Them Special?

It’s easy to label a living room as being modern, rustic or industrial by simply looking at it? But gives it that look? Modern living rooms are characterized by a series of key features that set a certain type of ambiance in an instant and today we’ll explore some of those options to see what exactly makes a living room modern and how these elements can best be used in interior design.

First of all, most modern living rooms have an open floor plan and are connected to areas such as the kitchen or the dining room. This allows them to feel open, bright and spacious. The spaces are often visually delimitated but without using walls.

Huge, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and windows are another important characteristic for modern spaces in general. In the case of the living room, they emphasize the views and let in natural light.

Oversized wall art is quite popular in modern interior design. In the case of an open plan living space, one such detail is enough to make the whole volume look modern and sophisticated.

Wood furniture is not a characteristic of modern décor. In fact, it usually defines traditional or rustic decors. However, you can tell that a certain piece is modern by its design which is simply, clean and eye-catching.

How To Get Your Home Ready To Receive A Pet Dog

So you’ve decided to get a dog. That’s lovely and we’re assuming you’re ready for that kind of commitment. But is your home ready too? This is a question you must reflect on before you bring your new pet home. There are steps you need to follow in order to make your home suitable for a dog and to make sure it doesn’t get ruined during the first day.

First of all, you need to make sure your dog will be safe in your home and won’t accidentally sample something poisonous. So gather all your cleaners, medications and toiletries and keep out of dog’s reach.

As a puppy, your dog will be tempted to chew on pretty much everything, including electrical cords. Make sure you you hide these cords or tape them down so the dog can’t bite through them.

Your dog will most likely find all sorts of small areas to fit into. For example, the space under the bed, under the dresser or under the sink can be really interesting from a dog’s perspective. If you don’t want your dog to explore those areas, it’s best to block them.

Don’t leave small items such as paperclips, string or rubber bands in areas where your dog might reach them. You never know how delicious and appetizing they may seem to a dog so keep them in drawers or on your upper shelves.

Dogs are not as delicate as cats for example so they won’t think twice before knocking over a fragile lamp with an unstable base. To make sure such accidents don’t happen, deal with this kind of unsteady objects and either keep them somewhere secure or make them more stable.

Some dogs are used to eating from the trash, especially adopted ones and that’s not good for their health. Prevent your dog from eating spoiled food or cooked bones (which can splinter inside the intestines) by hiding the trash and making sure it can’t be reached.

What You Need To Know About Solar Panels Before Going Green

A lot of people are debating whether or not its worth investing in solar panels for their homes or not. Although we can’t offer you a clear answer to this question, what we can do is answer to a few of the most popular questions related to this matter.

A solar panel is made of multiple solar cells. Each of these cells is a small disk made of a semiconductor which converts the light it receives into DC (direct current) electricity which is then fed into an inverter that transforms it into AC (alternating current so we can use it in our homes. When lots of solar cells work together, they can produce enough power to be useful.{found on chrisandmalissa}.

Why go solar?

There are plenty of reasons why switching to solar-powered energy for your home is a good idea. For example, this way you can reduce or even eliminate the electricity costs. Your solar panels can produce energy for 25-30 years and, once you reclaim your initial investment cost, everything becomes profit.

Obviously, one of the most important advantages is that by installing solar panels on your house, you’d be protecting the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

In addition to that, you’d also be setting a green example in your community and perhaps encourage others to install solar panels as well. Be the one who inspires others.

How to choose solar panels?

The type of solar panels you choose for your home depends on a number of factors. Obviously, cost is important since this is a big investment. The cost of a solar panel is usually determined by its size, brand, longevity, quality of materials and certifications.

The quality of a solar panel is determined by several factors such as the manufacturing conditions and the materials used. There are three main categories of manufacturer quality. One is composed of assemblers only, another one of small to medium scale manufacturers with little or no investment in research and development and then there’s the top 2% of solar manufacturers that invests heavily in research and development and uses advanced robotic processes.

The durability or longevity of the solar panels can be an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in its products and some may offer a warranty period of up to 25 years.

Ironing Board Cabinet Extensions For Organized Laundry Rooms

The ironing board, just like the clothes hanger rack, is one of those must-haves in any home that suddenly becomes a big inconvenience when not used. It’s why instead of wasting space with a freestanding ironing board you have to hide inside or behind the closet, having one that’s an extension of the cabinet seems like a much better choice.

The Hafele pull-out ironing board has a simple and practical design which allows it to be integrated into laundry room cabinetry in order to save space. However, keep in mind that such designs are not as sturdy as the freestanding models.

The laundry room is not the only place where you can squeeze in a pull-out ironing board. In fact, when there’s no space for a separate laundry area, it’s the kitchen is usually the zone that takes on this role.

If you’re not the type that irons everything or owns a ton of shirts, then you most likely don’t even need a full-size, freestanding ironing board. A compact, pull-out model is enough to satisfy your needs. And the best thing about it is that it can easily fit in the closet.

Apart from stacked washer and dryer, this laundry area also saves space with smaller elements such as the built-in ironing board. Compact and easily accessible, it only reveals itself when needed, the rest of the time staying hidden.{found on oldworldkitchens}.

Gardening Tips Pt IV: DIY Plant Markers

Have you ever gone out to the garden to pull up some onions and pulled up carrots instead? Some of us beginner gardeners have trouble telling which is which when it comes to certain veggies and herbs.

So when it comes to knowing which is sage and which is parsley, it certainly helps to have labels.Not the plastic came-with-the-container labels mind you. The fun labels that you’ll use from year to year and grow nostalgic feelings for and create memories with. Check out these 10 DIY plant markers to label your garden in style.

Anything metallic is in style forever. And if we’re wearing it and decorating with it, why not add a touch to our gardens. Whether you have a small indoor herb garden or a large outdoor vegetable garden, you’ll enjoy spotting these markers when you go to harvest the beans. (via Julie Blanner)

Isn’t it great when you find a use for all those old wine corks? Among other projects, they make great plant markers, especially for a container garden. Now you have that excuse to buy the big bag of corks from Amazon and start crafting. (via All Put Together)

Speaking of wood, how about these twig markers? Seriously, all you need to make these are some heavy duty cutters, a pocket knife and some colorful Sharpies. I’ll bet that you know some boys who would love to help you with this project.

Creative Features That Will Improve Productivity At The Office

Ever wondered why iconic companies such as Google have such amazing offices where employees are happy and productive? What makes everyone enjoy working there so much? The answer is simple: their design strategy is creative, customized to every location and the offices are not just sad places designed to bring money. We could learn a thing or two from those examples and make our own workspaces more enjoyable with features such as the following:

Imagine yourself out in the middle of nature, with beautiful green grass on which to lie down and relax. Now take that feeling and keep it intact while you change the scenery. Suddenly you’re at the office. Though the grass is fake, it does help create a similar sensation.

You don’t have to be pro to know that skating is fun. In fact, you may not know it yet, but you might actually enjoy skating if you were given the opportunity. A skate park-themed office is not everyone but is sure fun to be at.{found on officesnapshots}.

This feature is more likely to be appreciated by the young generation. When you’re playing a video game you step into a whole new world where your unsolved tasks and problems don’t matter so it’s a way of clearing your mind before you return to work.{found on Studios Architecture}.

hipping containers can be turned into private rooms, meeting spaces and all sorts of other features inside a large office. So you won’t just be recycling but you’d also be creating a productive work space with a unique and inspiring design.

It’s fun and inspiring to have unique features at the office. For example, a bunch of crates can be turned into a one-of-a-kind wall unit with storage cubbies and shelves. Perhaps each person can have their own tiny space where they can display something personal.

Apartment Gets Industrialized After A Modern Remodel

When the young couple went to SHED Architecture and Design for help with their remodel, the team was happy to be given such an unusual and inventive project. The Seattle-based firm is always looking for new design challenges and this project was just what they’re good at.

The clients request was to transform this 1,702 square foot loft into a one-of-a-kind home by taking advantage of the existing defining elements and incorporating some new ones as well. They wanted this space to have an original layout, unlike the usual kind.

This is why features such as concrete floors, a zinc-plated ceiling and blackened steel beams are allowed to give the apartment a strong industrial vibe. New additions emphasize the unique character of the home and include elements such as concrete bricks, stainless steel and blackened steel surfaces.

The kitchen lacks the usual amount of storage. It’s mostly defined by a brick backsplash that coordinates with the dividing wall and the island. The thin stainless steel countertop coordinates with the appliances.The kitchen island doubles as a bar and includes a built-in microwave which gets its power from the curly cord attached to the ceiling. The island also includes valuable storage for the kitchen.The geometric wallpaper softens the look a little bit but keeps the décor cohesive.

The upper volume is completely exposed to the social area beneath and the large windows. It gets its natural light from that portion of the apartment and, because of the ceiling, has a more pronounced industrial look.

Ways Of Integrating Corner Kitchen Tables In Your Décor

Corner kitchen tables offer a multitude of benefits in terms of interior design. They can be integrated in the design in all sorts of different ways and they each have their secrets and advantages. A table, small or large, is a great way of taking advantage of unused space and transforming a corner into something practical and enjoyable.

This solution works great for kitchens that have this type of difficult layout, with a nook somehow separate from the main area. Transform this portion into a seating nook. Add a small, round table and a U-shaped bench.{found on adlsf}.

Small and round tables are excellent for tiny corners but if your kitchen is spacious or part of a large open floor plan, then you can dedicate one of the corners to the dining area. A rectangular table can feature an L-shaped sectional on one side and regular chairs on the other.

The corner doesn’t necessarily have to be flanked by walls or windows. It can also be an arrangement that looks like this. The kitchen island has a built-in extension with comfy bench seating, perfect for accommodating a round table at the center.

When placed in the corner, a square table can be a bit awkward because of the corners. But you can adapt the shape of the table and come up with something custom or different that suits your needs. Give up the extra corner if the table is surrounded by bench seating with storage in a nook and the result will be a practical and space-saving design.