Veterans Studies in Rhetoric, Composition, Writing, and Literary Studies

Welcome! This is a website for, and about, people studying, teaching, and researching at the intersection of veteran studies and rhetoric/composition. As an organizing theme, “Veterans Studies” seeks to acknowledge those in rhetoric/composition who research and teach about issues within veterans studies and seeks to facilitate connections with colleagues in other fields with shared interdisciplinary concerns for past, present, and future members of the military and their families. Please take a look around and send any resources you’d like to add to Mariana Grohowski ( or Dylan Medina (

This site was created in 2015 and grew out of the Writing with Current, Former, and Future Members of the Military Special Interest Group (SIG) at the Conference on College Composition (CCCC), which formed in 2009 under the leadership of D. Alexis Hart and Michael Edwards and continues to meet each year.

This is not an official CCCC site; instead, it’s our place to make connections. The more policy-oriented group of CCCC was the Task Force on Student Veterans.

About the Standing Group on Writing with Current, Former, and Future Members of the Military:

We are a group of scholars with interests in veterans studies within rhetoric and composition.

Alexis Hart (Allegheny College) and Michael Edwards (Washington State University) co-chair the group. Mariana Grohowski (Indiana University – Southeast) and Dylan Medina (University of Washington) created and currently manage the website.