Standard: Book Reviewer Needed!


JVS has been given a review copy (digital) of the book Brave, Strong, True: The Modern Warrior's Battle for Balance by Kate Hedrick's Thomas. Thus, we seek an interested scholar willing to write a book review. Please email Sarah Austin, book review editor if interested 

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Standard: Call for Book Reviewer


JVS has been given a review copy (digital) of the book On Military Memoirs: A Quantitative Comparison of International Afghanistan War Autobiographies, 2001-2010 by Esmeralda Kleinreesink 
(ISBN: 978-90-04-32253-0). Thus, we seek an interested scholar to write a book review. Any takers? If interested, please email 

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Standard: Call for short video responses What does Veterans Studies mean to you?


How do you define veterans studies?

What is or is not veterans studies?

How do you do veterans studies?

How is your work veterans studies?

Whose work is veterans studies?

What does it mean to you to do the work of veterans studies?

How does it appear and/or what are its manifestations? 

The Journal of Veterans Studies in conjunction with the 2016 NEH Summer Institute “American Veterans in Society” and Veterans in Society Conference (both at Virginia Tech) invite you to address one or more of these questions in a short video statement. With your video contribution we hope to build an archive to sustains, unites, and broadens the interdisciplinary intellectual community of veterans studies.

To view the full call: online

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